Fruits ‘n Sevens

Win a Fruity Jackpot

Fruits ‘n Sevens is a very simple and classic fruit slot from Novoline. If you have been searching for a jackpot slot with no frills, then Fruits ‘n Sevens is your game. There is nothing fancy about Fruits ‘n Sevens. This is just a simple fruit slot with a jackpot! Fruits ‘n Sevens has only 5 reels and just 5 paylines. There’s nothing on the reels but fruits and sevens! This is exactly what a slot would have looked like a few decades ago. Novoline are great at making retro games like this one. It’s what they do best! There are no juicy secrets for you to uncover in this slot. It’s just like those vintage games you used to play back in the day! Slot machines started out simple and lately they’ve become all about special features or crazy graphics. Sometimes, it’s refreshing to play a game you can understand clearly and one that will definitely pay you some decent wins. Fruits ‘n Sevens is a high RTP fruit slot. Fruits are classic symbols on any slot game! The first ever slot machines that were made had fruit symbols. Over the years, some other symbols have been associated with slot games. Commonly, you will find golden stars, golden bells and card values as symbols on many slot games. Not in this one, though. In this slot, it’s only fruits and red sevens!

It’s All Fruits ‘n Sevens to Me

Open the paytable on this Novoline slot to see the rules, the paylines and the payouts for every symbol. On the first page, you will see all of the symbols and the payouts you will get for the corresponding number of matches. All values that you see are relative to your bet and they will change if you increase or decrease your bet. The cherries can award a x2 match win but all the other fruit symbols and the red seven symbol only pay for x3 matches or more. In ascending order of payout size, you will see that the cherries are at the bottom, followed by the orange, plum and lemon, then the kiwi and the apple, then the watermelon and finally the red seven. Kiwis and apples aren’t very common fruit symbols on Novoline slot games, but they do appear in this one! Otherwise, the fruit designs are pretty standard for Novoline.

Spend Some Time in Seventh Heaven

All 5 paylines pay one way and matching symbols have to run consecutively on the payline from the far left. If you get enough consecutive matches that follow one or more paylines, you will see the winning combination light up and you will get a payout. You can choose to collect your payout or gamble it! In Fruits ‘n Sevens, the gamble game gives you a 50% chance of winning and doubling your payout. Although, if you lose, you will lose your payout! You will double your win every time you move up a step in the game, which you can do by clicking at the right time! The only payout you can’t gamble is the jackpot. The red seven gives much higher payouts than all of the fruit symbols. 5 matches of any fruit symbol will give you a big payout, but 5 matches of the red seven symbol will be even better! Look out for that lucky red number while you’re playing this Novoline slot. If you manage to cover an entire payline in red seven symbols, the coveted Fruits ‘n Sevens jackpot will be all yours.