Spinning Fruits

Spinning Fruits and Scatter Wins

This is a really unusual jackpot slot by Novoline! You can win the Spinning Fruits jackpot when you play on any device for real money. Join your favourite Novoline casino from our list of top recommended casinos and hit the jackpot on your phone or tablet! The thing that makes this jackpot slot so unique is the Scatter wins. This is unusual for any slot or video slot and especially a jackpot slot! Normally, slots have paylines and you only get payouts when you get enough matching symbols to line up on a payline in the right positions. Spinning Fruits is completely different because there are no paylines whatsoever in this game. Instead of having traditional paylines, this slot offers Scatter pays! Every line is a payline but this is different even to an allplay slot. On an allplay slot, every line is a payline but you still have to match up the symbols and get them to land on consecutive reels. In Spinning Fruits, it really doesn’t matter where the matching symbols land. They can land in scattered positions, anywhere across the 5 reels and they will pay if you get enough! It’s a fruity game that will appeal to all you retro slot fanatics. When you play for real money, you’ll get the chance to win one of three jackpots on any random spin!

What’s In This Fruit Salad?

The symbols are categorised into three sections in this fruity Novoline slot game. There are also the same number of jackpots! Spinning Fruits has four lower-paying symbols, two mid-paying symbols and one high-paying symbol. To get the minimum payout from any symbol, you need at least 5x matches to land anywhere on the reels. For 5 and 6 matches, you just get a payout. For 7 matches or more, you will trigger a special feature. Because there aren’t any paylines, you can actually get wins for up to 15x matches as opposed to a maximum of x5 matches in an ordinary 5-reel slot game. In the low-paying symbol category, you will find the oranges, cherries, lemons and the plums. In the middle category, you will find the bunches of purple grapes and the half watermelons. The high-paying symbol in Spinning fruits is the red 7. This is often the case in Novoline slot games, as the red seven tends to be a very special symbol!

Free Re-Spins and Three Jackpots

Each category of symbol is linked to a jackpot. The plums, oranges, cherries and lemons are linked to the mini jackpot. The grapes and watermelons are linked to the midi jackpot and the red sevens are licked to the grand jackpot! How do you get the jackpots? Well, you have to get lucky, of course! For 5 and 6 matches of any fruit or the red seven, you will only get a payout. However, 7 is the magic number! When you get 7 or more matches of any symbol, you will trigger the Spinning Fruits bonus feature! The 7 (or more) matching symbols will stay in place and you will get one free re-spin. The reels will spin and new symbols will fall on the reels in all the other open positions. If one of the same fruits lands in an open position, it will join the others and stick while you get one more free re-spin! This bonus feature will continue as long as you keep on spinning matching symbols or you fill the entire screen with the same symbol! 15x plums, lemons, oranges or cherries will award the mini jackpot. The midi jackpot will be yours if you get 15x watermelons or 15x plums. You’ll hit the grand jackpot if you manage to fill every position on the reels with 15x red sevens!