Fruit Fest

This Slot Is Known by Its Fruit

Fruit Fest is a cartoontastic game from Novomatic. It’s exactly one of those slots that you would expect to see in a retro games arcade. It’s a fruit slot and it has all the classic slot sound effects and music. Spinning these reels will transport you back at least two decades! Fruit Fest only has four reels, which makes it rather unique. Most old school games have three reels and most of the modern slots have 5 reels. Another thing that’s unique about Fruit Fest is that it has 10 paylines but not all of them run across all four reels. Some of the paylines in this juicy slot game only run across three reels. Play Fruit Fest at your favourite Novoline casino for real money! You have to bet on all 10 paylines in this slot game, but you can vary your bet quite a lot. If you don’t like to take high risks, you can play on a very low bet. However, if you’re a high roller, you can play super high-stake spins! This is such a colourful and fun slot to play, especially if you’re looking for something simple and vintage.

The Reels Are a Fruit Fest

The majority of the symbols in Novoline’s Fruit Fest are different fruits. There are certain fruits that are associated with casino slot games, and they appear in slots time and time again. In this online slot, you’ll see the red cherries, the lovely lemon, the juice orange, the cheeky lime, the sultry strawberry and the Pacman inspired watermelon. There are absolutely no card value symbols in site in this game! Other than the fruits, there’s also a red seven, a golden bell and a blue star. Every symbol has been humanised and they each have their own character. You can really see it in the eyes of the symbols! The cheerful blue star symbol is the most valuable symbol and it awards the biggest payouts. Every symbol in Fruit Fest has a payout amount for 3x matches and another for 4x matches. The payout figures will depend on your bet. The bigger you bet, the bigger the wins will be! Fruit Fest has 10 paylines. Paylines 1-6 go across all four reels. Paylines 7 and 8 only go across the first three reels. Paylines 9 and 10 go across the last three reels. Match 3 or 4 of any symbol, on any payline, and you’ll get a payout! Three symbols on a four-reel payline will still pay, no matter where they land on the payline.

Fruity Features in this Novoline Slot

You can gamble your payouts in Fruit Fest, if you want! There is a maximum win amount which you can’t gamble but it’s very high and will depend on your bet. Mostly, you will be able to gamble any win you get for a chance to double it! There’s one more symbol which we haven’t mentioned yet. This is the Fruit Party symbol. You can’t miss it; it’s very recognisable! 3x Fruit Party symbols will award 10 Party Games. 4x Fruit Party symbols will award 30 Party Games! Party Games are bonus spins which don’t cost you anything. You can win a lot in the Party Games because there’s a special feature active. When you get a win in a Party Game, the matching symbols will disappear from the reels and new symbols will appear in their place. This can happen more than once on each Party Game and so you can get multiple wins on each bonus spin! You can also retrigger the Party Games feature with three or four more Fruit Party symbols.