In a number of cultures around the world, people have enjoyed gambling for much of their histories. In medieval times, and even before, people loved to play and bet on card games. These games evolved into some of the table games that we know and love today. The most popular table games that are played with cards in casinos nowadays are Poker, Blackjack and Baccarat. What’s interesting is that dice actually predate playing cards by many centuries! The ancient Greeks and Romans used to play with dice. There’s even evidence of the ancient Egyptians using dice almost 4,000 years ago! Sic Bo and Craps are the two most well-known, modern casino dice table games. On the other hand, there are also table games which aren’t played with dice or cards. Roulette, which is played on a wheel for example, is a game that’s found in every casino around the world. Roulette was invented in the 18th century. Slots are probably the most recent invention when it comes to casino games. The first ever slot machine was made at the turn of the 20th century. Since then, slots have taken off and they are now the most numerous and most-played game at pretty much every casino!

Novomatic Games for Land-Based Casinos

Novomatic started way back in 1980. For forty years, this company has been pioneers in the world of gambling and casino. They were small when they started but now Novomatic is an international, multibillion-dollar company. Novomatic started out making gaming and slot machines for land-based casinos in Austria. Soon after, their machines could be found in casinos all over Europe, including the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Germany and Prague. As the company grew, they continued to develop new slots and table games for brick-and-mortar casinos. By 1995, Novomatic games were being played in casinos across Europe, Africa and North America. They then improved upon and expanded their range of games to include multiplayer games and lotteries. 5 years later, in 2000, Novomatic moved into South America and you would have struggled to find a casino where they didn’t have their games! Novomatic have been keen to adapt their products as technology has advanced. This has meant that they’ve always stayed ahead of the curve! When online casinos began opening, Novomatic were one of the first software developers to provide games to online casinos and open their own sites. Nowadays, online games from Novomatic are popular at a great many online casinos. Thousands and thousands of players enjoy playing Novomatic games both online and in land-based casinos every day.

Novoline Online Games

Novoline is a platform of Novomatic through which they release online slots and online table games. Novoline was launched in 2006. Novomatic made their name through producing high-quality game machines for brick and mortar casinos. Since technology advanced and the internet has given rise to online casinos, Novomatic have dominated online gaming as well! They adapted the games their players loved the most and released online versions through the Novoline platform. On our site dedicated to Novomatic, we are here to tell you all about Novoline games and the online casinos where you can play Novoline games for real money. Over the years, there have been some slots which have proved to be the top dogs. These notorious Novomatic titles are available on the Novoline platform, along with many additional slots and table games:
  • Dolphin’s Peal Deluxe
  • Book of Ra Deluxe
  • Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe
Novomatic hit a magic formula with their slot games. These three slots are absolute classics that started out life as slot machines in land-based casinos. Now you can play the Novoline versions at top Novoline casinos online! These slots are partly popular because of their themes but mostly for their bonus features. In all three of these signature slots, you can win Free Spins. In Book of Ra Deluxe, the free spins come with a ‘Special Expanding Symbol’ bonus. In Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe and Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe, all free spins wins have a x3 multiplier.

Novoline Mobile Games

Another way in which Novomatic have adapted with the times is by making their online games compatible with smartphones and tablets. Novoline games are mobile-friendly. There are hundreds of games on the platform which you can now play on your phone or your iPad! Novoline games are no-download, instant-play games. You don’t have to download or install any specific software to play these games. Some Novoline casinos might have an app that you can use and other Novoline casinos will allow you to stream the games from your mobile browser. In 40 years, Novomatic have gone from a small company in Austria, making slot machines locally, to a massive international company. Now, you can walk into any land-based casino or online casino and expect to see Novomatic or Novoline games. You can even play any time, on your phone, from anywhere!