Golden Sevens

A Golden Fruit Salad Slot

Golden Sevens is a fruit slot from Novoline with a jackpot! This slot is a simple affair and will appeal to any player who likes a classic game. When Novoline gives you lemons, make the most of it! Novoline is a platform from a developer called Novomatic who know how to make a good slot game. Ever since the 1980s, Novomatic have been creating slot machines and, later, online slots for casinos. They make great slot games because they celebrate what slots are really about. Slot machines from other developers might look fancier but they aren’t as fun as Novoline games. What’s the best part about playing a slot game? Getting wins, of course! You can actually win on a Novoline slot. You won’t always win but you have the chance to win big, especially in Golden Sevens. Why choose an overly complicated slot with ridiculous special features that you’re never going to win on? Golden Sevens is the perfect slot game. It has fruits and other nostalgic slot symbols that will make you feel happy and perfectly at home! You’ll understand exactly what’s going on in the game and you won’t be left confused at any time. There might not be any free spins or bonuses but who needs them when you’ve got a high RTP and a jackpot?

Classic Slot Symbols and Fruits

There are 5 reels and 20 paylines in total in Golden Sevens. There’s no option to play on fewer paylines, so your bet will always be multiplied by 20. If you’re not a high roller, you can stick to 0.01 per payline, so 0.20 per spin. Golden Sevens has a convenient ‘Max Bet’ button if you do like to turn up the heat and play with high stakes. This slot has one-way paylines. Only the cherry can pay from a pair of symbols. All the other symbols have to have at least three symbols on a payline before they pay out wins. The matching symbols can’t skip reels, so they have to follow a payline from reel 1, on successive reels. Golden Sevens doesn’t have a Wild symbol to step in and help. You have to get lucky and not miss any reels in the payline! The symbols in Golden Sevens will all be familiar to regular slots players. In this fruit bowl, there are cherries, lemons, oranges, plums, watermelons and apples. There are two symbols in this Novoline slot that aren’t fruit symbols. These standout symbols are the golden bell and the red seven. Get a payout for a matching combination of 2 cherries or 3, 4 or 5 of any symbol on a payline.

Win the Golden Sevens Jackpot

The red seven in Golden Sevens isn’t gold, as you might expect! This is probably because red sevens are a very common slot symbol. Although, having said that, you will see the red seven stand out from all the other symbols because it has a golden background. What’s more, it is accompanied by a golden coin! The red seven in this slot is the highest-paying symbol. 3x red sevens will pay you 5x your bet. 4x red sevens will give you a payout of 40x your bet. If you fill a payline with 5x red sevens, you’ll get a win equal to 250x your bet! That’s crazy, especially when you compare it with a 5x cherry win which is only 9x your bet. You can win the jackpot on any spin in Golden Sevens! A jackpot win is the best you can get. Hit the jackpot when you spin the whole screen full of red sevens!