Lucky Jolly

The Happy Jolly Will Bring You Luck

Novoline’s favourite jolly mascot is back and he takes centre stage in this jackpot slot. Lucky Jolly is a retro jackpot game with fruit symbols and other casino symbols. The fruits are so well designed, with water droplets on them, they look as though they could be real. You will almost feel like you can take them off the reels and put them in your fruit salad! However, these fruit symbols aren’t real. The only things that are real about this slot are the wins and the jackpot! The jackpot is not worth millions, but it is pretty big indeed. The lucky jolly is the guy who’s going to help you get it. This colourful jester is wearing a tricoloured hat with bells on it. This was a typical accessory for jesters to wear back in medieval times. Kings and Queens used to employ jesters to entertain them and their courtiers. The jester would sing and dance and tell jokes for the amusement of the royal court. But that’s not what this jester does. In Lucky Jolly, this jolly jester is there to help you win the jackpot. Novoline’s Lucky Jolly has 10 paylines and you can choose how many of these to play on. This Novoline jackpot slot also has a Gamble feature, an Autoplay function and a free spins bonus.

Lucky and Jolly Symbols

The symbols in Lucky Jolly are surrounded by a golden glow, which will bring you luck! This online jackpot slot is truly a feast for your eyes. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of these reels as you watch them spin. Not one symbol in Lucky Jolly is a card symbol! This means that this slot is a bit of an enigma in terms of symbols from Novomatic. It might not have any card values, but all of the other symbols embody slot tradition. When you spin the reels, you’ll notice that the symbols are a nostalgic mix of fruits and other familiar slot symbols. There are some juicy red cherries, a purple plum, a sour lemon, a ripe orange, a bunch of purple grapes and half a watermelon. Lucky Jolly also has three bar symbols: a single red bar, a double blue bar and a triple green bar. The three symbols you’ll want to keep an eye out for are the red seven, the star Scatter and the jolly himself. The red seven gives big wins and the Scatter and the jolly are special symbols. The jolly symbol will help you win the jackpot! The Scatter symbol can pay from any positions, but the other symbols will only pay if they land on a payline. Lucky Jolly has 20 paylines, which pay from left to right, and matches must be consecutive. The jolly symbol is unique in that it can give a x2 match win. All symbols in Lucky Jolly give x3, x4 and x5 match wins.

Get Lucky and Win the Jolly Jackpot

Lucky Jolly doesn’t have a free spins bonus or a bonus game. You can win the Jolly Jackpot on any spin! The jolly symbol can pay when only 2 matches line up consecutively on a payline. The x2, x3 and x4 match payouts of the jolly aren’t as big as the red seven or the star Scatter payouts. However, the real big win comes when you spin x5 jolly symbols. Fill a payline with x5 lucky jollies and you will be the proud winner of the jolly jackpot! You’ll certainly be jolly if this happens, and also very lucky!